The Footpath Initiative is a passion project we first imagined during random conversations in 2018, as friends and former colleagues. It is now a project we work on during weekends and time away from our jobs. 
Those initial conversations led to the reasonable aspiration of improving walkability in our cities. But we realised this could not be done unless we understood why thousands of pedestrians get killed in major Indian cities each year. This meant an in-depth look into records of pedestrian fatalities across cities obtained through dozens of Right to Information (RTI) applications. 
Our goal is to use this understanding to enable conversations on pedestrian safety at the neighbour hood and city levels. Our hope is that this awareness will, in due course of time, lead to popular demand for streets safer for pedestrians.


Anusha Chitturi

I view pedestrian safety as an issue that touches multiple aspects of urban life – safety, public health and environment. I feel something as fundamental as walking should not happen at the cost of anyone’s life or health. The data presented in this project, I hope, will highlight the “cost of walking” in Indian cities and help decision-makers address these issues with urgency. I tweet @Anusha_Chitturi

Varun Shridhar

I walk at least a mile every day and find it unfair that pedestrians, however cautious they might be, must leave their safety on our city roads to chance. To me, this project is an opportunity to inform communities when and where their neighbourhoods might not be safe for walking. Hopefully, this awareness will inform interventions aimed at ensuring pedestrian safety. I tweet @varunshridhar