About the Initiative

Seemingly random events, do road accidents have plausible explanations?

As a nation, we tend to conveniently blame fellow Indians: “The victims should not have traveled on the footboard of the train, perhaps. They should have used the zebra crossing, and they most certainly should not have walked on the road.” But are we not victims of systemic failures? Of poor scheduling and insufficient supply of trains and buses that results in overcrowding and, therefore, footboard travel? Of roads that lack footpaths and were not built for pedestrians?

The Footpath Initiative started as a conversation between two friends on such thoughts. We may have found some, if not all, answers in public data on pedestrian accidents, obtained through multiple RTI applications. Through our project, and as people who walk every day, all we hope is to make some more sense of pedestrian accidents in our country.

What we do

We enable public awareness and facilitate advocacy and community mobilization by sharing knowledge on pedestrian safety. Specifically, we:

  • Source and share national and city level data on pedestrian crashes
  • Simplify pedestrian policies and publish commentary on pedestrian issues
  • Connect with stakeholders to enable local change