Pedestrians are at a grave risk in our cities.

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Why focus on pedestrian safety?


reported pedestrian deaths every day in India


rise in pedestrian deaths between 2016 and 2017


of all road deaths in urban areas comprise pedestrians


How wide should our footpaths be?

At least 1.8 m wide. For narrow roads, 1.5m width is acceptable, but adequate passing places should be provided

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What are refuge islands?

These are spaces allocated in the median for pedestrians to wait before crossing the road.

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Are foot over bridges necessary?

Not really. At-grade crossings are the most preferred option. Foot over bridges could be provided only where at-grade crossings are not feasible

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What are midblock crossings?

A midblock crossing is a marked pedestrian crossing in between two intersections and should be provided at least every 250m.

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